Build for your storage needs and stay organised for life

Build for your storage needs and stay organised for life

Unless you have mastered the art of minimalism, we all accumulate 'stuff' we need to store. Well-designed storage is necessary to live an organised life, but the true success of uncluttered living comes from the planning.

Planned storage solutions contribute to the smooth running of your home and can give you a feeling of being in control (especially in our hectic lives). By including well-organised, accessible storage in the design phase of your new home, you can create a spot for everything life throws at you.

Consider including purpose-built storage solutions, like this luxe master suite in McDonald Jones Homes’ Massena design, which fits seamlessly into the spaces of your new home design.

To set yourself up for organised living and help inspire you as you plan your next home, we’ve gathered practical storage ideas from our experienced builders.

Celebrate your inner fashionista with these stylish solutions

Create a sense of organised luxury and give a unified feel to your space by using a repetition of colour, shape, and finish to stylistically tie your room together.

Designed with their interior style in mind the master suite of the Massena by McDonald Jones Homes uses custom cabinetry to create a cohesive space that blends seamlessly through to the walk-in robe's interior. By carrying the same soft blue-grey finish throughout and keeping the style fuss-free with no drawer handles to break up the simple lines, the result is one beautifully harmonious space.

If you opt to give your custom cabinetry a standout feature, try using materials that contrast with the surrounds. Here we see the combination of warm timber floating shelves and a gorgeous timber framed arched mirror that really makes the Massena design a modern storage masterpiece.

Maximise the storage potential of your master bedroom and opt for a door-free wardrobe (this eliminates the extra floor space needed to accommodate the opening of doors).The biggest consideration when designing open robes is what view you have from the room's entry and from the bed.

Pycon Homes and Constructions' clever stylish and functional design, complete with barn door, works well to conceal any messy zones behind drawers or storage baskets which can slide onto versatile open shelving.

Complete functionality combined with style is always a winning combination but remember your room does not need to be super large to accommodate all your storage needs. If your bedroom is short on space, make the most of what area you have by taking cabinets all the way from floor to ceiling as seen in the contemporary solution presented in the Hotondo Homes master suite where the full height robe cabinetry is discretely tucked behind the bedhead modesty wall.

Tip: Squeeze every centimetre out of your floorplan and ensure all available space is put to good 'storage' use with fully customised joinery.

You can really get creative with storage when it comes to bespoke cabinetry, so be sure to choose the right configuration that best suits your requirements.

The sleek dark cabinetry in the McDonald Jones Homes' Miami takes storage to the next level and is the epitome of bespoke joinery which includes custom drawers with specialty liner, full and half hanging rails and open box shelves. Remember to consider the lighting in your planning, especially when styling with darker finishes. Set the mood for elegant styling and luxury living by using soft undermount LED lighting recessed into the shelving, this stunning practical solution is also a fantastic way to add a diffused ambience to the space.

We all deserve a little luxury and planning a custom-built walk-in wardrobe which also includes a beautifully appointed dressing room with vanity table just screams refinement. The Adenbrook Homes Penn E wardrobe styled in luxe black finish with gold handles gives you the best of all worlds - lashings of style, heaps of storage plus ample space to try on outfits and indulge in a little pampering.

Storage design doesn't need to be complicated; it just needs to work for your family. Compartmented shelving utilised in Coral Homes' Lisbon wardrobe design is a notable example of a neat serviceable option giving you plenty of versatility to store a range of different sized items. Modular systems in basic white are a smart choice for more compact areas as they provide adjustable storage without visually swallowing up space or your budget.

Tip: Be sure to wander through all the Sovereign Hills Display Village wardrobes and take note of the smart and functional storage options to help you discover a solution to best fit your lifestyle.

Kitchen storage ideas that will have you salivating

A butler's pantry is considered the ultimate when it comes to hiding clutter and storing all your kitchen essentials. While designing a fabulous-looking butler's pantry is sure to be a priority, you first must consider some storage basics in your initial planning.

A mistake many make is planning a second kitchen, and not allowing enough storage... To help get it right, take note of what you need to access or store, measuring all awkward items you may use often and then plan an easy reach spot for each. This will not only keep the space organised and clutter free, but will allow for seamless workflow saving you time and making everyday jobs a breeze.

This light and airy butler's pantry by Better Homes and Developments strikes a happy medium by using a balance of drawers (allowing you to easily access items at the back), small and large cabinets, adjustable height shelving systems and clear bench space for food prep.

Tip: When planning your butler's pantry start by determining exactly how you intend to use the space, this will help you decide on the overall size needed.

When planning your storage needs, you'll soon come to the realisation that some items are not worthy of being on display. Try a mix of open and closed custom cabinetry combinations for complete serviceability and versatility of style.

For extra storage and a smart way to display some of your more stylish items, consider including an open box shelf section in contrasting timber. Vaughan Homes has added interest and an architectural element to their space by using a contrasting finish of natural timber on box shelving which breaks up the white overhead cupboards.

The Adenbrook Homes Penn E design showcases some out-of-the-box thinking in their approach to kitchen storage. Full cabinetry in a dark finish creates the anchor while providing a concealed space for those seldom used odd items we all have. To ramp up the style and bring it all to life we see the introduction of timber-look laminate for the open shelf areas, which all works together brilliantly in this asymmetrical design.

Cleverly placed full-height modular cabinetry can be used to build a wall of storage with overhead cupboards, and pantry complete with pull out drawers, all without breaking the budget for your next home design. The McDonald Jones Homes and Perry Homes kitchen storage solutions really show how to pack truckloads of useful storage into your space with flair.

Tip: Any savings on your kitchen cabinets can be spent on gorgeous splashback tiles and creative lighting options to inject a more customised and unique feel into the space.

Celebrate simplicity with open display shelving. Shelves reduce clutter and their adjustable nature means complete flexibility with the added convenience of easy find, easy reach item placement.

The simple clean lines of pantry shelving in Pycon Homes and Constructions' Waratah design which doesn’t feature an entry door makes practical sense - no doors equal saved floor space.

Depending on your design, your open shelves may constantly be on display. Create aesthetically pleasing storage by carefully organising and packing essentials into beautiful seagrass baskets or ceramic canisters, vary the heights of containers and arrange them in groups. Try adding utensils, bowls and plates until the result is a contemporary display that’s most pleasing to your inner stylist and functional to boot.

Using quality materials with a luxe finish can elevate the style of your storage area. McDonald Jones Homes has turned the Massena kitchen pantry into a designer feature. By using rich warm timber for stunning open shelving, which is also echoed in the gorgeous box shelving floating above the sleek stone benchtop, they have added high-end storage solution flair.

While they do provide quick and easy access, open shelving is not for everyone. The level of organisational skills required to keep a doorless pantry looking its best may be more of a commitment than you are willing to give. Perhaps opting for the addition of frosted glass-front black cupboard doors is more your flavour. The Miami design by McDonald Jones Homes has a beautifully designed pantry that seamlessly integrates with the open planned lounge dining styling, adding a touch of balance and sophistication to their rich black kitchen space.

Tip: When it comes to kitchen storage there's no one-size-fits-all solution, everyone has diverse needs and uses for their kitchen area. Research all options available when planning your storage and explore the benefits and limitations of each solution.

Now you see it, now you don’t - the hidden treat of concealed appliances in your kitchen planning is a genius solution for cohesive styling.

Hotondo Homes have mastered the art of illusion with their out-of-sight small appliance cupboard, built-in refrigeration, and concealed study nook, all cleverly masked behind an impressive expanse of natural coloured timber-look laminate. The result is a stylish and extremely functional solution that takes up minimal floor space, and is completely integrated with the open plan living areas.

We all love a feature island bench, with its carefully selected benchtop finish it becomes the hero of many kitchen spaces. But we cringe at the need to have an unsightly power outlet interrupting the whole vibe. Achieve the aesthetic you covet without sacrificing the functionality of the area. A nifty pop-up power outlet has been ingeniously included in Sorensen and Caldon Builders' Manhattan design so you can have your cake and eat it too! Simply press, and it pops up when needed.

G.J. Gardner Homes and Better Homes and Developments have taken appliance concealment to new depths. Hideaway dishwashers, refrigerator and freezer drawers neatly disappear behind elegant, panelled kitchen doors like magic. This solution is an extremely versatile and affordable approach that can be tailored to incorporate any kitchen cabinetry colour and profile.

Tip: Visit the experienced builders at Sovereign Hills Display Village and spend a little time with them planning the storage for your new space. Their experience and advice will help you find the right solution for perfect storage integration in your new home.

Organised living spaces with convenience on hand

Bring character to your living room as well as functionality by making a feature of your storage and go large with a full wall statement. Remember while you may be planning your storage as a feature, careful balance is needed to ensure you don't overdo it and just end up creating visual clutter.

McDonald Jones Homes have prevented the Massena's bespoke joinery wall from overwhelming the living space and have created a cohesive streamlined design by keeping it symmetrical and matching its finishes with the room’s palette. Clean, simple lines with plenty of opportunities for display items invites your homes styling to shine through while still offering an abundance of storage. Purpose-built cube style storage, which surround your TV screen and minimise its presence, can been integrated into your next home's open plan living space.

Tip: Get creative when styling the cube nooks to display collections that are meaningful to you and embrace the opportunity to organise the hub of your home's tech thanks to the ample storage provided, perfect for your game consoles and cables when not in use.

A narrow niche of stunning timber open shelving adds a little extra style to the Pycon Homes and Constructions Waratah design, making use of an otherwise wasted space. This wall also features a built-in bench cupboard cleverly slotted into the alcove, with more open shelves above a TV area which allows for plenty of clearance around the screen – all without encroaching into the room. You can plan a similar area in your next media room by using complimentary materials and colours that promote a cohesive interior style.

Tip: Make the most of unused nooks and nestle float shelving and storage cabinets into them for a seamless finish.

From lashings of space to display our most prized treasures to functional areas to conveniently hide our necessary clutter, Adenbrook Homes have included a custom joinery wall unit by creating an alcove with bulkheads surrounding it. Featuring open storage cubby holes to tastefully display ornaments and generous lower cabinets with push to close doors infused with the home’s interior style, they have delivered another prime example of well-planned storage.

Tip: Mix it up when building custom cabinetry and specify the inclusion of bookcases, wine racks, bench seating and more. The design possibilities are limitless.

One of the most disorganised areas in most homes is the study. We're all guilty of letting the paperwork of family life accumulate in this zone and often put off having to sort, file and declutter. Planning a functional space right from the get-go can help avoid this tedious cycle. Think plenty of storage but without enclosing and crowding the space. Go asymmetrical with full height shelving on one side. This Sorensen and Caldon Builders study nook in the Cottesloe design has it sorted. They have managed to provide plenty of storage space without making the desk area feel hemmed in.

Tip: The elimination of full width head height shelves allows the areas to still feel light and airy while the contrasting heights of units finished with a highlight colour adds interest.

Floating shelves are an awesome storage solution - stylish and functional. McDonald Jones Homes have beautifully incorporated visual interest into their Massena design with the strategic placement of floating shelves. Using pale timber, lit by warm undermount lighting nestled against white walls transforms the area into an eye-catching gallery. When it comes to styling the shelves, they have expertly clustered monochromatic books, vases, baskets, and pictures. When styling your display areas avoid overloading the shelves, less is often more. You may wish to include some greenery to inject some freshness into your room such as a hanging plant to break up the lines of shelving.

Tip: Cluster items in complementary groups arranged in a triangular shape and increase interest by using varying heights.

Lavish laundries awash with space saving storage

Up the style potential of your storage areas by selecting luxe finishes. This McDonald Jones Homes laundry in the Massena design is 'next level' when it comes to contemporary decadence. Undermount lighting sets the mood by washing everything with a warm glow, highlighting the gorgeous tapware selection and beautifully textured tile.

Coupled with warm natural timber finishes for cabinetry doors and accessorised with tasteful but simple ornamentation, this laundry balances function with style for a contemporary flair. With a laundry this beautiful you’re sure to have many hands to help make light work if they get to spend time in this space!

Tip: Clever consideration to the styling of your storage areas will reward you tenfold when you have a beautiful space to enjoy while making organisation rule over chaos.

It’s obvious to think functionality first when it comes to laundries, but in today's stylish homes this workhorse is having its heyday.

Nothing screams good planning like including a mud room in your new home. Imagine having the convenience of a drop zone for dirty shoes and grubby school bags, but this by no way means it needs to be a messy or ugly space. Adenbrook Homes’ Penn E design is armed with all the inspiration you'll need to plan and style a functional and stylish space. Beautifully appointed with warm timber finishes, this home showcases a mud room right off the laundry, boasts thoughtful placement of seating, drawers, coat hooks, cabinets, and open shelves that all offer abundant storage options and a cohesive aesthetic.

Allocating room for everything in your laundry has been successfully presented in Sorensen and Caldon Builders’ Manhattan design. Adequate storage provision with hanging and folding space and plenty of cupboards will help prevent clutter from being left on the benchtop or worse still the floor. However, organised living may start with a place for everything but only works if you’re managing it, so be sure to design a space that suits your needs.

Tip: Don't forget to plan for awkward shaped essentials and include a tall cabinet for brooms, ironing board and vacuum cleaner as well as easy access shelving for washing powder.

McDonald Jones Homes have excelled in their laundry designs. Using styling that is completely cohesive to the Miami's kitchen and butler's pantry, the laundry with its overhead cupboards and luxe herringbone tiled splashback is a natural extension to that aesthetic. Maximising on storage potential with generous lower cabinetry and overhead cupboards, they have taken the extra step to include a shelving unit that is dual purposed with display and storage capabilities.

Not every home has the space, but if you are spoilt with plenty of room, nothing beats extra linen cupboards. Organisation queens will just love the versatility of the Miami design's linen press built using simple shelving tucked into an alcove. Show off your superior home styling by selecting amazing baskets and containers to stack and store all your towels and bed linen.

Tip: For longterm storage organisation keep it simple. Make it easy and you’ll find your family will be more inclined to follow through. Don't over complicate it or get too fussy with the process of keeping it tidy.

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