Contemporary styled living... Inspiration for your home

Contemporary styled living... Inspiration for your home

While contemporary style is constantly evolving as each decade passes, there are some elements which never change.

Airy light-filled living spaces, open layouts, large windows and striking clean lines remain highlights of contemporary home designs and interiors.

To learn more about this popular trend, look no further than our York Street display village, where space, shape and the art of subtle sophistication abound.

Live in the 'now'... whatever room you're in

To achieve the sleek and fresh look of a contemporary home, it's important to be guided by some basic rules...

Contemporary homes feature uncluttered spaces, smooth, clean lines and the deliberate use of texture. While timeless neutral, black and white interiors are often used as a base, you can add pops of contrasting colour with standout furniture and soft furnishings.

Less is more when everything has a place

Contemporary style offers an 'everything in its place' interior featuring designs that are high on function and simplicity and low on collections and fuss.

Interiors tend to  showcase space rather than things, and sleek, thoughtful, hidden details emphasise an edited aesthetic.

Shine a light on your style... naturally

Almost all contemporary houses share common design elements such as tall, irregularly shaped windows, often placed non-symmetrically to help aid the extensive use of natural light.

Think open planned, when living comes to mind

Contemporary house design embraces outdoor space, with an open floor plan and minimal doors and walls. In keeping with today's lifestyles, the design is functional and flexible. Many feature movable exterior walls and a flexible layout to connect the indoors and outdoors.

Shaped to impress from first sight

A distinctive element of contemporary style is strong visible lines. Whether straight vertical or horizontal, or even curved shapes. The line is found in architectural details, such as asymmetrical facades, the use of bold colour blocks and high ceilings.

Must have elements for creating a contemporary chic interior

- Bare and smooth with textured rugs
- Timber and polished concrete work particularly well

- Simple and uncluttered
- Sofas and chairs have exposed legs
- Soft furnishings add colour and texture
- Go basic, bold and structural
- Avoid busy prints

- Stick to larger plant and flower arrangements

Upholstered chair image credit: Temple & Webster

For more contemporary home style inspiration visit the Sovereign Hills Display Village today.

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