Mastering the mood in your abode

Mastering the mood in your abode

Whether you want your home to be a relaxing sanctuary where you can escape or a space that brings you  joy and perhaps even a little romance, a few well thought out finishing touches can transform your home into a space you'll love to spend time in.

Our York Street display homes are packed with cosy and creative ideas to master the mood in your abode.

Make dreams come true with a beautiful bedroom

Plush pillows, luxurious bedding, dreamy drapery, mood lighting - there are many ways to create a romantic retreat perfect for couples designing a bedroom together, and singles who want to wake up in a luxurious space.

While red has long been associated with love and lust, you can bring an air of romance to the bedroom with soft and muted hues (think dusty pinks, rust, sage or pale grey) while creating a feeling of calm.

We've got you covered... expert tips to help you create the look

Have you counted how many pillows are on your bed? While some may argue you can never add too many layers of texture to the bedroom, the trick is to aim for quality over quantity.

The bed is the focal point of your room, so invest in a great bedspread (100% natural fibres look great and allow your skin to breathe), pile on the pillows, cushions and a throw across the bottom of the bed (which you can change depending on the season) and drift away.

Lighting the way to a space you'll love

When it comes to creating ambience in your home, you quite literally have the power. Beautiful light fittings not only add character to any room, they're extremely practical when it comes to setting the mood.

- The style of your pendants/fixtures should match the rest of your room
- Choose a bulb with more of a yellowish orange tinge in appearance to create a relaxed, cosy atmosphere and help you unwind
- For feature or accent lighting add a dimmer switch to create versatile light output
- Ensure your pendants are size scaled to both your room size and table size

Bathroom bliss - Create your own sanctuary

The perfect space for relaxation and pampering, enhance your bathroom's appeal with colour, texture and elegant fixtures.

Bathroom bliss tips:
- Freestanding bathtubs
- Dual shower heads and vanities
- Mood lighting
- Elegant tiles and tap ware

Loving touches to turn living spaces into the heart of your home

Colour choices, textured rugs, soft furnishings, cushions and mood lighting all work together to create an intimate and cosy living space.

It all starts with the perfect lounge (one you can really sink into). Layer with quality cushions and throws and don't forget to dim the lights.

Deluxe dining with a dash of romance

Want to feel like you're dining out in a romantic restaurant without leaving the comfort of home?

Start with a centrepiece and build on your dining table's theme with stylish textures and colours.

Step outside and escape to a private couples retreat

Raise the temperature in your outdoor area by creating a focal point with function.

Add warmth with a fire fixture, invest in decorative privacy screening and quality outdoor furniture or splash out on a plunge pool like this circular version in the Hotondo Homes display, then kick back and enjoy the company.

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