Modern bedroom style ideas to make your dreams come true

Modern bedroom style ideas to make your dreams come true

Whether light and calming, relaxed bohemian, or perhaps your style is more moody, these decorating ideas from the Sovereign Hills Display Village will help you design a beautiful and restful space you won’t want to leave.

Calm coastal chic – relaxing beach house blues

Love the elegant and breezy Hamptons style? You’re not alone, this chic theme is being embraced in a big way across the Hastings region, and we’re pleased to report on York Street, both inside and out.

When it comes to the bedroom it’s all about comfortable coastal living as demonstrated by Coral Homes, Perry Homes and G.J. Gardner Homes in their light and bright display homes.

Top tips for your Hamptons-inspired bedroom:

  • Stick to a neutral colour palette punctuated by serene, subdued blues and soft shades of green and grey
  • Allow bright natural light to flood in through large windows bordered by soft flowing curtains or plantation shutters in white or a light colour
  • Anchor the bed with a classic and elegant upholstered headboard
  • Create a layered look, starting with a neutral base of whites, creams and natural linen tones, with pops of colours in cushions, comforters, quilts and blankets

Lush sanctuary – a tropical oasis escape

Transform your bedroom into a relaxing island-inspired oasis with colour, fun tropical-inspired patterns and motifs, and a healthy dose of fresh greenery.

Styling a tropical inspired bedroom:

  • Greenery and lots of it – introduce plants and palm tree patterns
  • Incorporate natural elements such as a timber or cane bedhead, bedside table, rattan pendant and jute floor rug
  • Warm and sandy neutrals, and even soft pinks and yellow, work well with this theme
  • Style your space in layers adding texture and pops of colour and pattern with wall art, cushions, throws and décor
  • Make a bright bold statement or keep it minimal with subtle island hints

Country retreat – restful modern Australiana suites

For a tranquil and calming retreat, there’s a lot to love about an Australiana-inspired bedroom. 

Drawing inspiration from the natural environment, Pycon Homes and Constructions nails this vibe in their Bayside display master suite, softening the space with layers of texture with luxurious carpet, sheer curtains which filter the light, and carefully curated furniture which works oh so well together…

Bring the bush into your bedroom:

  • Draw inspiration from nature’s colour palette of blush pink and yellow banksias, flannel flowers, grevilleas and eucalyptus trees. Build upon a neutral base and keep your colour elements muted for a more refined finish
  • Green plays a big role in this scheme… Balance with warmer tones, and white and wood grain timber for warmth
  • Opt for ceramics over gloss ornaments and vases, and quality over quantity
  • Choose quality natural linens in neutral tones. For a true country look, it’s hard to go past ticking fabric accents

Boho serenity – eclectic free-spirited spaces

Carefree and eclectic, bohemian style involves layering patterns, texture and colour.

The boho aesthetic is personal. Go all out by mix and matching colours and decorating your space with macrame, embroidery, florals, tassels, patchwork and rugs or keep it as clean as you want it to be.

Create a boho chic bedroom:

  • Remember, there are no rules with boho style. More is ‘more’ when blending patterns and colour
  • Let your personality shine. Display original or handmade art and treasures
  • Layers don’t just come from textiles, add statement pieces such as a chair or bench seat, adding character and depth
  • Opt for wooden and rattan furniture for your bed and chair or a fabric swinging chair

Dark and dreamy – opulent moody musings

Create that hotel luxury at home vibe with a dramatic dark and dreamy bedroom.

Get the look:

  • Indulge in rich tones of black and grey, dark green, navy and heavier textures
  • Apply your colour scheme to the bedroom furniture
  • Limit the light with soft drapes
  • Introduce metallic shades and accents for a dash of elegance
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with a beautiful chandelier or pendant lighting and wall sconces
  • Enliven the space with greenery and flowers
  • Incorporate soft carpet or a rug for texture and warmth

Find your dream bedroom style at the Sovereign Hills Display Village – York Street, Port Macquarie.

Open daily from 10am – 4pm. 

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