Room to grow... Planning the perfect space for everyone

Room to grow... Planning the perfect space for everyone

Be inspired by the beautifully styled and cleverly thought out designs from our quality builders at Sovereign Hills Display Village.

With innovative floor plans to suit every lifestyle, and a wide range of living and dining spaces to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect room for your family to grow in.

Room to grow - Open planned living

Many modern homes are all about free flowing, informal spaces. Open plan living areas offer growing families flexibility and endless possibilities... but it takes careful planning to get it right. Eliminating walls allows great free flowing space between different zones, helping to create an open hub of activity, but it’s important to keep it feeling welcoming and cosy, rather than cold and cavernous.

Use an accent colour to visually tie spaces together, define ‘rooms’ with area rugs, continue flooring throughout the entire space to enhance the flow, use your furniture to define the traffic patterns between each area and create a focal point to help anchor the space. Our display homes are brimming with design ideas to make your open plan layout a success.

Room to relax... Lazy lounge areas

The lounge room is often the primary space for entertaining family and friends. Turn your main living room into a retreat with textured fabrics, soft layered light, luxurious curtains and a palette of soft colours, then escape with a good book. Add the finishing touches and style like a pro with these lounge room tips:

1. Build your layers from the ground up by starting with your choice of rug – the foundation. Now pull in colours that will set the tone for the rest of the room’s palette.

2. Select window treatments that enhance light and suit your style. Install curtain rods up and off the window trim (if possible) so the maximum amount of light can shine through.

3. Add texture with woven fabrics. Create interest and a real sense of warmth with layered textures.

4. Create freshness with house plants.Greenery never fails in the living room… Bring the outside in by placing plants, and greenery arrangements across the space for a fresh and lively energy.

5. Accessorise - Work with your style and colour palette to tie it all together with some carefully placed and unique wall prints, vases, lamps and cushions.

Room fit for a feast – Dining spaces for every taste

With the rise of open plan living, carving out a designated dining space has become more important than ever. Start with making the dining table the star of the space.

Scale is the most important consideration when selecting your furniture followed by a visual link with the rest of the room’s style direction.

Practicality needs to also be considered, as recent times have shown us; the dining table is the new heart of the home and hosts everything from your home office to craft projects. York Street offers stylish ideas for making casual and formal dining spaces where your family can share a meal and reconnect at the end of the day.

Room to watch - Multi-functional media rooms

Whether you’re a champion gamer or a movie buff, everyone can enjoy escaping reality once in a while. Everything depends on your lifestyle needs.

To design a space that works for your family, there a few things worth considering: Does your media room need to be well organised with plenty of storage? Consider where games and consoles go when not in use and make the space easy to tidy after the kids are finished playing. Is there comfortable visual access  -  the television should be easy to view from any couch or chair in the room. Should the screen be wall mounted or in a stylish cabinet? And finally, consider the seating. Is it better to go with a more modular lounge or individual movie style recliners?

Discover functional designs, showcasing layouts, storage and furniture ideas to help you complete your own contemporary in-home media room, on York Street.

Room to entertain – Crowd pleasing alfresco areas

Make the most of your outdoor space with friends and family. Explore our range of spaces with layouts that suit your needs and compliment your entertaining style.

An element of a successful alfresco space is a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor areas. Make the most of our idyllic climate with year-round entertaining by including some of these key features:

1. Pergola/Patio – Provide a level of protection from the elements without blocking the breeze and filtered sunlight.

2. Fire pit – Bring your outdoor area to life during the cooler months with a fire pit, chimenea, outdoor heater or pizza oven.

3. Create a BBQ hub - Integrate your barbecue into your outdoor infrastructure to create a more streamlined look.

4. Pool position - Make the most of your pool to ensure it’s a year-round feature. Create an alfresco dining space that runs alongside the pool creating a luxury oasis.


Room to indulge – Cheers to happy hour

Consider yourself a bit of a connoisseur? Or just someone who has a lot of bottles? We have some helpful advice on creating the perfect wine wall or whisky bar in your home.

1. Decide on your space commitment (there’s a big difference between a cellar anda cabinet). Then select the position in your home for your dedicated space that will showcase your diverse and intriguing collection.

2. Select glassware to match your level of commitment; a lot of time has been spent developing the best glassware for you to enjoy your wines and whiskies so you can savour the nose, palate and finish, so you might as well do it properly.

3. Get all the experience enhancing items you’ll need when tasting for yourself or hosting others – nothing too extravagant, perhaps a stylish decanter,  a few whisky stones and a cocktail shaker with all the accessories… you’re sure to impress your guests.

For beautiful modern ways to incorporate happy hour entertaining into your living spaces, see the inspirational designs on York Street featuring high end and modern wine racks, whisky bars and cocktail corners.

Room to learn – Integrated study spaces

Creating a distraction-free zone is key to a productive environment. Having a dedicated, space for studying or working at home is the ideal resource to help you get organised and improve your concentration. Here are some practical suggestions to help you set one up:

1. Choose your location based on your family’s individual needs – For those needing silence, a spare room or bedroom is a good option. If background noise is not a problem or more supervision is needed to keep kids on track, try a spot near the kitchen or living areas so you can help them while you prepare dinner.

2. Make it comfortable (but not too comfortable!) – Select a chair that you can comfortably sit in for long periods of time, and ensure you have a desk or other flat surface that is big enough for books, laptops, and other learning supplies.

3. Include good lighting - source natural lighting from windows and light from lamps.

4. Create plenty of storage – help keep the space organised and clutter-free with draws, shelving and containers for all your stationery supplies.

5. Make it personal -  style the space to suit your taste, adding décor and accessories, artwork, or anything else that might help you enjoy being in the learning zone and stay motivated.

York Street offers home designs that include a range of solutions from learning hubs to study nooks with concealed desk and storage ideas.

Room to play – Fun zones your kids’ will love

Kids need their own space (just like us). If you’re planning a nursery or tween retreat, take the opportunity to complement your home's decor while adding creative touches to make a room just for them.

Use colour and pattern along with wall decals or stickers as a great way of creating a playful space especially when coupled with imaginative furnishings from tepees and cubby house beds to indoor swings.

Check out the clever ways our builders have styled their kids’ retreats, creating a magical place for your kids to play and grow.

Discover more at the Sovereign Hills Display Village - York Street, Port Macquarie. Open daily from 10am - 4pm.

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