Sustainability with style

Sustainability with style

With its prime corner location and timber-adorned exterior surrounded by a native and edible garden at 2 York Street, Port Macquarie, the Icelyn is not your typical 4-bedroom display home.

The orientation, materials and appliances were all key considerations for siblings Andrew and Fiona Pettersen, partners Julianne and Dean, and their Hotondo Homes Mid North Coast team who wanted to show more people how simple and cost effective it can be to incorporate sustainable building practices in their very own new home.

In doing so, the Icelyn has achieved an impressive 8.6 Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) rating which is harder than it looks to achieve.

Read on and discover how this locally owned and operated building company did it…

The building blocks for a more sustainable home

The Icelyn capitalises on its north-east facing location, with naturally termite resistant Coastal Blackbutt decorating the unique façade.

While we’re used to seeing an exterior brick home, the Icelyn design features the reverse. An internal exposed brick veneer northern wall features vertical timber cladding on the outside serving an important purpose.

The timber cladding has been intentionally painted a dark colour to absorb the sunlight. Heat from the sun is naturally transferred to the brickwork inside the home and then released back into the home at night. Meanwhile, cladding with extra insulation is employed on the western wall to minimise the heat transfer into the bedrooms on the opposite side of home.

Grasscrete formers (moulds) were laid within the concrete driveway and then planted with turf to allow for water drainage. This assists with drainage, keeping the surrounding garden healthy.

Chase the sun, make it work for you

The Icelyn’s alfresco is positioned on the north side of the home and features an opening pergola roof, allowing the winter sun to stream into the home’s main living area or alternatively to block the hot summer heat.

Cool materials… They look great and feel better

Polished concrete floors on the north side of the home also absorb the sunlight which heats the floor throughout the day and releases the heat to the living and dining rooms during the evening.

The double-glazed sliding door to the alfresco and ceiling fans in the living and dining room assist with passively cooling the home.

Three bedrooms feature cork flooring, harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, which is unique in its ability to regenerate its outer bark.

Think recycled… It’s always at the heart of an eco-friendly home

In the kitchen zone, the Laminex recycled denim fibre benchtop has been made from cotton denim collected from cloth production mills.

The Laminex tinted terrazzo paper on the study nook benchtop has been made with recycled paper fibre.

Natural timber cabinetry lines the kitchen wall concealing pantry items and appliances. 

Bathe in a room with sustainable materials

The master ensuite features a sliding glass door with courtyard, enhancing the natural light and cross-flow ventilation.

The timber fittings are not only a more sustainable material choice, they bring warmth to the harder surfaces and look great.

Bright ideas… Energy efficient solutions for your home

There are a range of energy management solutions and monitoring systems on the market to help you minimise your home’s electricity usage such as smart meters, sensors and communication networks.

The Icelyn features Bluetooth light switches and power points controlled via the Clipsal Iconic interface allowing the remote control of lights from a Smartphone.

Opening Velux skylights flood the kitchen and central hallway with natural light, reducing the need to flick on a light switch.

The home also boasts a solar photovoltaic (PV) system helping to reduce those pesky power bills.

Naturally gorgeous with a contemporary twist

For a contemporary twist to working with warm neutrals, try adding a bold block colour accent like royal blue.

Get the Icelyn look by decorating with natural fibres, timber furniture and of course lots of indoor greenery.

Self-sustaining gardening

The outdoor area features a sustainable veggie garden, native bees and chicken coup.

Grow your own fresh produce and herbs, and illuminate waste by composting your household food scraps or feeding them to your happy chicken friends.

It’s all part of the circular economy - home style.

Discover more unique designs and find your home style at Port Macquarie's Sovereign Hills Display Village.

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