Transform your master suite into a retreat with these 7 style tips

Transform your master suite into a retreat with these 7 style tips

Creating a warm and inviting space in your home is essential for your wellbeing, especially during the winter months. A cosy master bedroom or parents retreat can provide you with a private escape where you can relax and unwind after a long day.

By incorporating a luxe ensuite, creating and decorating a cosy focal point, combining winter-inspired colours and textures, choosing a quiet and comfortable space, and decluttering, you can create the ultimate relaxation area that's perfect for snuggling up and enjoying the colder months.

Inspired by the display homes on York Street, Port Macquarie, here are some ideas to get you started as we take you through the key elements to keep in mind when designing and decorating your perfect winter-inspired retreat.

1. Create a focal point for added flair

Creating a focal point for your master bedroom retreat is all about adding visual interest to your space and is a great way to draw attention to a specific area.

- A decorative feature wall, stylish armchair, or even custom cabinetry and shelving can all make for stylish focal points in your bedroom.

- In the cooler months select heavier fabrics for drapery, throw pillows and soft blankets to insulate your room and add warmth making the space feel inviting and comfortable.

- Define an area with a plush rug that complements the mood of your room and position furniture around it to create a cute seating area.

- Include a stylised artwork, and some themed décor items or candles to complete your look.

By incorporating some of these ideas, you can transform your bedroom into a cosy and inviting retreat where you can relax and escape.

2. Set the mood with colour

Winter-inspired colours can add warmth and cosiness, while neutral tones are always a popular choice for bedrooms if you're after a more serene space.

Embracing rich jewel tones like emerald, sapphire or ruby adds a luxe depth to your room, or select softer shades of blues and creams to create a calming winter wonderland. Whichever hues are on your personal colour wheel be sure to extend the theme right through to your ensuite to create a synergy throughout your master retreat.

3. Experiment with textures

Winter is the perfect time to experiment with different textures.

- Consider layering multiple textures for an even cosier effect.

- Incorporate natural elements like wood and stone to offset the softness of your linens and give extra dimension to your room.

- You can also incorporate some natural elements such as plants or flowers to add a touch of freshness and life to your space.

- Quality linens are a must and can make a big difference in how cosy and inviting your bedroom feels. Look for high-quality sheets, duvets, and blankets made from natural fibres like cotton, wool, or linen. These materials are breathable and will help regulate your body temperature while you sleep. Incorporating these materials in your bedding, pillows and throws adds a luxurious feel to your space.

4. Incorporate a luxe ensuite

If your master bedroom doesn't have an ensuite already, consider adding one to your new home design. Adding a luxe ensuite to your master bedroom can be a great way to create a private and luxurious space that adds value to your home and makes your daily routine more convenient and enjoyable.

With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a space that provides you with a beautiful and functional retreat.

- Choose high-quality fixtures and finishes that reflect your personal style and preferences.

- Consider elements like the style of sink, shower, bathtub, toilet and lighting, as well as details like tile patterns, flooring and cabinetry.

- Keep in mind while you want your ensuite to look beautiful and luxurious, it should also be easy to maintain and clean.

- You may also want to consider adding elements like a spa bath, heated floors, or a steam shower.

These extra features can help create a sense of relaxation and indulgence that will make your ensuite feel like a true oasis.

5. Glow up with ambient lighting

Lighting is crucial for creating a calming ambience in your bedroom.

- To enhance a relaxing atmosphere, consider installing dimmer switches, strategically placing soft lighting from table or floor lamps, or even include a string of fairy lights.

- Candles are also a great option for creating a cosy ambience that's perfect for a relaxing retreat.

- To complete the look decorate with carefully selected lighting fixtures and shades that enhance and complement your styling.

6. Make space to unplug and disconnect

When creating a master retreat, it's essential to choose a quiet and comfortable space away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the home.

Ideally, you want a space where you can unplug and disconnect from the world, so you can recharge with a little bit of self care.

- Change up your furniture layout to create a more cosy and inviting relaxation space in your bedroom, or even convert an area in your walk-in robe.

- You can create a tech nook with TV units, desks, and device charge stations to help make your room more functional.

- Opt for a cosy reading nook. Use a big soft chair or love seat as a focal point, add a side table, lamp, a pile of books, and a diffuser with the soothing scents of essential oils.

- Complete the scene with the added bonus of a tea or coffee station then curl up with a warm cuppa, or glass of wine, and escape the rat race for the afternoon.

7. Declutter and Store

Decluttering your master bedroom is paramount to creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere in your master retreat.

Incorporating a blanket box, practical window seat, under-bed drawers and large shelves in neatly concealed walk-in robes for storage of bulky blankets, doonas, extra throws or pillows, ensures you have a place for everything and goes a long way to keeping your room clutter-free and organised.

For more master suite retreat inspiration, visit the Sovereign Hills Display Village - York Street, Port Macquarie. Open daily from 10am - 4pm.

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