Behind the facade - Hotondo Homes

Behind the facade - Hotondo Homes

If you’ve visited Hotondo Homes’ eco-friendly Icelyn display home in the Sovereign Hills Display Village, chances are you’ve met Trish Stephens or Stephen Creigh, who recently joined Dean Thompson’s sales team. Focus Magazine ventured behind the Icelyn’s façade to find out more about York Street's newest experts.


Trish Stephens – New Home Consultant

What do you enjoy the most about your role? I absolutely enjoy guiding, advising, collaborating, and witnessing our client’s dreams for their new home come to life.

Taking lines on pages (the plans) and bringing them up out of the ground to become the home and the vision that they imagined is so exciting as a new home sales consultant. I feel completely humbled when a client engages myself and the Hotondo team to become their trusted advisor for their new home build; the experience is unique and personal to every client.

Getting to call our beautiful display home my workplace is pretty amazing, I am enjoying all the benefits of its design features and the eco-friendly aspects of the home. Building is an industry thatI love, I enjoy working here on the Mid North Coast with the fantastic Hotondo Homes team.

Why is it important to speak to professional sales teams when building a home? Building a home involves many steps along the way, I call them the “pieces of the puzzle.” As a professional sales team we are the client’s first point of contact, we will guide and educate our clients every step of the way.

The value and importance of speaking with a professional sales team will leave clients feeling well informed, trusting, and confident to ask questions no matter how big or small. Hotondo Homes has built valued and genuine relationships with all parties involved in the build process; surveyors, drafting teams, geo technicians, suppliers, tradesmen, certifiers and many more – they form part of our Hotondo team.

I am fortunate to have access to this team of experts for any questions or advice I may need to gather for a client, in turnI am always learning myself. Our sales team is encouraged by our directors to continue our own education within the industry, and we often participate int raining opportunities through the Hotondo Homes head office.

Stephen Creigh - Sales Consultant for Taree, Manning and Great Lakes region

What do you enjoy the most about your role? I love meeting people and helping them discover options available to build their next dream home or investment property. I’m a Licensed Agent and feel great joy when I can show people the way to realise their dreams and meet their budget. It’s wonderful to be able to talk through the choices available, to ‘build smarter’ with regard to their aspect, the environment, and the best use of natural light and winter sun to help maintain year round comfort to inside and outside living areas.

There’s no doubt we live in a wonderful part of the east coast of NSW and with quality residential estates and wide open rural spaces we have a floorplan for every situation, and if we need to customise a plan to make it work better for the situation, we will – happily.

Why is it important to speak to professional sales teams when building a home? Building a home to cherish and be proud of takes lots of skill and attention to detail. People need to research who they are going to entrust their project with, there’s lot of information available on Product Review and Facebook for people to see which builder is the right fit for them. Our local family owned and operated franchise takes pride in every stage of the build.

The sales team has an important role to explain all the steps and find out from our clients what they really want to achieve at the end, but we do this knowing that everyone in our office; trades, suppliers and contractors are all focused on making our clients 100% Hotondo Happy! We hand over homes that we would be proud to live in for many years to come, adding value to each new street and community.


Discover Hotondo Homes' Icelyn display home in the Sovereign Hills Display Village.

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