Experience Korean cuisine as Soul of Seoul comes to Sovereign Place

Experience Korean cuisine as Soul of Seoul comes to Sovereign Place

Are you familiar with bibimbap? It's a beloved staple in Korean cuisine and soon you won't need to travel to savour the flavours because the dish is making its way to Sovereign Place.

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Soul of Seoul, brought to you by the talented minds behind Seoul St. in Laurieton. This exciting addition to Sovereign Place is set to open its doors this Summer, introducing the vibrant and delicious world of Korean cuisine to the local community.

Inspired by the global surge in the popularity of Korean culture and its delectable foods, the team behind Soul of Seoul aspires to make the delights of Korean cuisine accessible to all. Lena, a member of the Soul of Seoul team, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, "We wish everyone could relish the experience of Korean food."

What sets Soul of Seoul apart is its commitment to serving a diverse menu which combines traditional Korean recipes with innovative fusion creations. This approach ensures even those new to Korean cuisine can comfortably try new flavours.  

Hansang (lunch tray)

The Soul of Seoul team has shared more details about their signature dishes, providing a sneak peek into what's to come. For lunch, they present the 'Hansang’, which translates to ‘table full of food’. This delightful spread is presented on a tray, offering a choice of main dishes paired with an array of tasty side dishes.

When it comes to dinner, get ready to indulge in the Korean BBQ experience, complete with a selection of traditional side dishes known as ‘banchan’.

Korean BBQ

Soul of Seoul plans to offer both set menus and an à la carte selection, providing flexibility for diverse dining preferences. Whether you prefer to dine in or grab a delicious meal to go, they've got you covered.

Soul of Seoul Korean Restaurant is set to open this Summer.

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