Mid North Coast Allied Health

Mid North Coast Allied Health


Mid North Coast Allied Health

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The number one place for Allied Health on the Mid North Coast

Mid North Coast Allied Health is your trusted healthcare providers in our region, ensuring exceptional services are accessible to our entire community.  Their friendly team provides all of the familiar disciplines you and your family need, such as physiotherapy, exercise physiology, massage, dietetics, and occupational therapy. They also deliver much needed specialised services including paediatric physiotherapy, women’s pelvic physiotherapy, concussion care and headaches, and lymphoedema management.

Bookings unavailable

Casual Rates (Mon-Fri)

One day - $29

5 full days - $79

Half day - $19

Monthly Rates (Mon-Fri)

Full time $179

Part time* $79
(*2 days/week)

Casual Rates (Mon-Fri)

Weekdays $29/hour

Weekends $49/hour

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